An Overview On Club 420 North Americans 2018

The Club 420 North Americans 2018 drew attention of 166 teams for the 9 race series in New Bedford. Noble Reynoso and Luke Arnone achieved victory in 6 races with 13 points, followed by Tommy Szymanski and Jack Murphy with 37 points and Patrick Mulcahy and Ansgar Jordan with 40 points.

In the initial two days in Buzzards Bay, experience, risk management and consistency did play a huge role. Reynoso and Arnone were leading from the beginning and posted bullets for 5 of the initial 6 races. The fleets split post two days and the Championship race was called off on the first day as there was lightning in the front. Besides, squalls and torrential downpours moved through the surrounding. On the final day, there was a clear sky with some cool breeze which was a wonderful experience.

The top spot for placement did not change with the New Jersey team as they finished the championship round with 5th, 2nd and 1st places. At the top 5 were Tommy Szymanski and Jack Murphy from Chatham, MA. The top sailors from the silver fleet were Madeline Demming from Surf City with Brielle Willoughby and Alexander Kessler alongside Mallory Stafford from Edgartown, MA.

Post regattas in Ontario, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California and Connecticut, there were tight contention for the Triple Crown with less than 30 points which separated the top 5. North Americans took a decision about choosing the winners who Noble Reynoso and Luke Arnone. As far as Noble Reynoso is concerned, he learned sailing for the first time at a fundamentals camp as he was pushed to take part in the event during the summer. He had just completed 8th grade and he simply hated the idea of attending summer camps. He was more than happy to simply hang out. And now he is one of the champions and the winner in the sailing competition.