Atlantic Coastal Tournament Finishes

Coastal tournament in Atlantic got finish amid huge fun, excitement and adventure.

The tournament took place last weekend in Annapolis Md. The event tournament was attended by multiple teams and the number of spectators.

The tournament was divided into two divisions with each one racing for eight rounds of racing. The team of Cornell secured third place on the final day of the championship. They made it 66 points and tied another team in pressure. In big cumulative total Big Red’s took the lead in match from Brown, who lost to Cornell with close gap.

The division B entry of Julie Barbera and Connor Kelter was placed first in the field of 19 teams, it topped second place by one point competing Boston University. Cornell in the event won 2 races out of 14 in the championship. However, he was in the top three in all eight races that they compete in. Two and top three finish results in six matches cleared Cornell’s position in the game before the results were announced.

Division A was sailed by Diana Otis and Clark Uhl. They secured fourth position in the championship. Another team Big Red won their first race of the championship and remains on top five finishes in five races done both on Saturday and Sunday.

At Annapolis the weather condition was good and was in favor of sailing. However, the wind was variable, but it was not a tough condition for sailors. All the participants showed their best performance and enthrall spectators.

Speaking about the winning team Cornell said “This win has motivated us a lot. There is not an individual effort here; it is the team that has made us to come to this position. We are satisfied and happy with our performance in the event and will try to maintain consistency in performance in the next tournament as well.

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