Costa Deliziosa Finally Docks at Genoa Port


Large cruising ships will no longer be seen on the seven seas. The last major cruising ship which used to sail the seas has officially docked in Genoa in Italy since the outbreak of COVID-19 globally. Giacomo Raul Giampedrone, the Council Member of that region said that the Costa Deliziosa of Costa Cruises have docked in the Genoa Port after it had some issues on its first attempt to dock due to the strong wind gusts. Costa Deliziosa arrived a little later than its usual time because of the rough conditions of the seas. The ship currently had no news of suspected cases related to the virus and also no passenger was in isolation till the time the ship was docked at the shore of Genoa Port in Italy.

The first 540 passengers of the cruising ship Costa Deliziosa were disembarked on the third day of its docking and rest 897 passengers were embarked the next day. It was known that all the passengers who were Portuguese, Spanish, and French were disembarked in Barcelona. After that, the vessel owned by Carnival Corporation continued its journey to reach Italy. All the necessary specifications onboard and health check-ups by the local authorities had been done before the disembarking operations started for returning all the 1519 passengers home.

It is also reported that the cruising ship will continue with its operation in the coming days according to their transfer schedule. This schedule has been managed by the company to arrange despite the ongoing complexities due to restrictions on traveling that has been imposed by Governments at global levels. This will prevent the spreading of infection, thus reducing the number of casualties. In March 2020, all the cruise lines across the world suspended their fleet operations because of the pandemic and Government restrictions on traveling.