Rotterdam Port Got New Software For Sailing Data

Sailing schedule data have been incorporated by the Rotterdam Port in its online route comparison tool.

The software for this has been taken from Hong Kong and the developer of the software is CargoSmart. The name of the software is ‘Navigate’.

On May 10, the beta version of Navigate was launched from the Rotterdam Port.

The objective of Rotterdam Port behind incorporating ocean schedules of CargoSmart is to give a complete and detailed picture of its logistics coverage made for shippers.

The CargoSmart using the cloud-based platform and big data source provide sailing schedules alongside a growing network of terminals and container carriers.

This software will provide the sailing schedules to the port that will help the port in collecting the data online and have a hassle free data collection of ocean carriers.

According to CargoSmart, Rotterdam plans to have Navigate’s future version that will expand its operational data, including vessel departure time and estimated arrival.

Cargosmart would also be able to use to improve their planning of on-time deliveries for consignees, shippers, NVOCCs, ocean carriers and logistics service providers.

Product owner of senior advisor of the Rotterdam Port and Navigate, Chantal Gouka, said: “The quality of data we have received from the CargoSmart is really impressive and it is very useful for us. CargoSmart has provided us more efficiencies and visibility to meet our digitization objectives.”

Chief Commercial Officer of CargoSmart, Lionel Loui said: “Partnering with Port of Rotterdam we are really delighted and pleased. We will certainly try our best to help the port in reaching their goals.”

“We are looking forward to expand the scope of our integration and we will delight to offer more company insights through the Rotterdam Port. Hope we both will get benefited with this association.”